Cheshire's Children

‘Instead of trying to repair broken men, help build stronger children’

Dedicated to forging links between Cheshire and all of its children

‘Show them we care; guide and inspire them to a better tomorrow’

A charity across ‘The Heart of Cheshire’

The entirety (100%) of monies raised will be used for the cause

Any overheads or administrative costs are funded by the largest providers of security across the heart of Cheshire; Stopfordian and West Valley.


The founder of the charity, is a man whose father died when he was one, leaving his single parent mother to bring up two boys on what some might say to be the most underprivileged Council Estates in Stockport.

He now lives in Alderley Edge and owns several very successful businesses. His children are in the best private schools and completely unaware of where their father lived and went to school: they just think their world is normal and that everyone else lives like them.

Due to his background he knows, there are a lot of underprivileged children who are under no such illusion; on one analysis


they have it rubbed in their faces on a daily basis that they are the ‘have not’s’ and that the ‘haves’ live just up the road…

‘Teenagers have choices to make; those from council estates may perceive theirs to be simple...

Do they take the short and easy road and become a criminal?


Do they take the long and difficult road and become someone they can be proud of?

As they get older and the pressures of needing to make money increase ... They see an affluent person getting out of their sports car ...ask yourself… what thought pops into their mind...Is it?..

"Look at him, born with a silver spoon in his mouth … he doesn’t care about me, I’m going to smack him over the head and take what he has got"

Or, is it?..

"I bet he worked hard for that, good luck to him… I’m going to work even harder though and get a better one."

So if we know all of the above and know it is all true what are we going to do about it?'


Our aim is to ensure that Cheshire’s children make the right decisions flowing from the right mindset.

With your help we’re going to show them that Cheshire does care about its children; and just as importantly, Cheshire is willing to take the time to help and inspire them to achieve their goals in the right way.


A Simple start – Educating, Inspiring and Caring

Arranging two very different days, that are intrinsically linked; one of inspiration with a foundation of education; and the other of fun with a foundation of caring.

The children’s attendance at the educational day is their ticket to the fun days out; such as to a theme park and adventure getaways.

Educational days involve subjects such as healthy eating, fitness and also inspirational speeches by people who can share their rags to riches stories; inspiring the children in a way that means they understand that it can be done; and that they can do it; and just as importantly, to help them nurture a new found respect, for those who have already done well and who now want to help them to follow suit.

Aiming higher – Uniting, Recognising and Rewarding

Following on from the simple start and the foundations made there; next is to forge links with local businesses and sports facilities, to find those relevant to each child’s development; and where necessary sponsoring them to achieve placements.

Re-affirmation that they are cared for

We have designed a ‘Cheshire’s Children’ charm bracelet; when someone buys a bracelet/charm, an identical bracelet/charm is given to an underprivileged child. They will know that somewhere across town someone is wearing the same bracelet as them, thinking about them; and that they are cared about.

Ensuring Cheshire has an eye on all of its children

We believe in being proactive not reactive. By this we mean attempting to inspire the children before they fall into the mind set of criminality.

If you would like to make a donation to Cheshire's Children or get more information please click on the link, alternatively you can call 0161 486 4956.